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Issued by research and development for Human Resource Remmah-Jordan center

Our Objectives

Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing aims to be an assistance to Arab researchers to help them publishing research and scientific studies and shed light on scientific research, also to help researchers provide a scientific research center to publish research in all fields in Arabic or English.

Our Vision

Arab Journal for scientific publishing seeks to be a peer-reviewed scientific journal and a distinguished platform for researchers. It publishes all scientific research and scientific studies that keep in touch with the latest developments in scientific research so that all researchers and scientists can benefit from them.

Privacy policy

Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing is a peer-reviewed scientific journal characterized by accuracy and secret work, it keeps safe the research in the journal, it is committed to the confidentiality of data and information which is sent to the journal, it also pledges do not share their researcher's name, number or email.

The Arab Journal for scientific publishing
Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing
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The Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing is considered a peer-reviewed scientific Journal and one of the best journals for publishing research issued by the Center for Research and Development of Human Resources, Rammah-Jordan. It is one of the peer-reviewed scientific Journals best arbitrators with the highest specializations. The journal was established in 2018 as a beacon for researchers and students to publish their research and scientific papers which aims to publish in Arabic and English. ISSN-E: 2663-5798 ISSN-P: 2708-2806 The journal also has crossref accreditation with a DOI number, which is special for such scientific research, documented in Google Scholar. The journal also has an international ISI classification. In 2018, the journal issued periodic issues every 3 months. From the beginning of May 2, 2019. Periodic publications began at the beginning of each month to increase the opportunity for researchers to publish, by receiving researcher's requests to referee and publish their papers and research.

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Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing
Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing
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المجالات الهندسية
Engineering fields

Civil Engineer - Computer Engineer - Power Engineer

المجالات الاسلامية
Islamic fields

Jurisprudence - interpretation- research origins - principles op advocacy

المجلات القانونية
Legal fields

Criminal Law - Public Law - International law