Arab journal for scientific publishing

Arab Journal for scientific publishing is one of the best journals for publishing research, it is a peer-reviewed scientific journal issued periodically with the ISI classification.
The journal publishes research and scientific papers within various fields specialization of administrative sciences, engineering and its branches, educational and psychological sciences, law and its branches, and many others.
Arab Journal for scientific publishing is concerned with publishing peer-reviewed and original scientific research by researchers in all specialties, and reviewing them whether in Arabic or English.
The research submitted to the Journal must be characterized by the conditions and steps of scientific research by what is recognized in the Arab world and internationally.

Publication Conditions and Instructions

1- Publishing original scientific research.
2- The research must not have been previously published elsewhere, and its author must pledge not to send it to any other place.
3- Research papers are accepted in either Arabic or English.
4- The research must be submitted via email to the journal with the following characteristics:

a- The margin in all directions should be 2.5 cm the distance between the lines is 1.0 cm
b- The research title is written between quotation marks like "..."
c- The title should be written in front size 16 with bold ,and the title must be accurate and express the content of the research.
d- Font size (simplified Arabic \12) for Arabic texts and (time new Roman\10) for English texts.
e-Submit two summaries in Arabic and English of no more than 300 words for each should be attached to the research.
f- The number of research Pages , including forms , shapes drawings and appendices, shouldn't exceed 1000 words.
g- The research must contain the researcher's name , address and email address.
h- Documentation the journal depends on the ( American psychological Association APA) for scientific publishing.

5- Make sure that figures , illustration, photographs and maps are clear and have clear features and names.
6- Research pages, including pages of drawings, appendices, tables and foot notes are given sequential numbers from the beginning of the research to its end .
7- The titles of figures and tables should be bold.
8- It should be accompanied by no more than 6 keywords related to the research, which must be in both Arabic and English.
9- Parts that must be covered in scientific research submitted to the Arab journal for scientific publishing:

*Research summary (in Arabic) + search terms.
*Introduction to the research.
*The study problem.
*Objectives of the study.
*The importance of studying.
*The limits of study.
*Study terms and their definitions.
*The Oretical framework and previous studies.
*Study methodology.
*Study tool (if available)
*Results, recommendations and conclusion.
*Documenting references in APA system.
*Summary of the study in English.

10- The research must provide us with the name in English in addition to the name of the university or institution added to the study for official approval .

Documentation: The journal depends on the (American psychological Association APA) system for scientific publishing.

Research template for the journal

The period for the first acceptance is a maximum of 24 hours after submitting the research in word format.

The period for issuing the official acceptance statement is a maximum of two days after the financial fees for the arbitration and publication process are due. Important notes : the importance of sending the researcher's pledge in accordance with the provisions and policy of publishing in the Arab journal for scientific publishing by downloading the form , writing what is required in it , and sending it again.

Video of the concept of peer-reviewed journals for publishing scientific research

Arab journal for scientific publishing

It is considered a beacon for researchers to publish their research and scientific papers

Our goal is to increase the scientific environment for researchers and students ]

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