The Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing includes a group of doctors, consultants, and academics specialized in refereeing research and scientific papers from various Arab universities.

Members of the arbitration committee and advisory board

Mrs. Amaal Almasri

Director and Founder of the Journal
Computer Science - University of Jordan

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Akram Saleh Mahmoud Khawaldeh

Doctorate in Arabic Language Curriculum and Methods - Ministry of Education

Dr. Muhammad Hanafi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Matareya Helwan University
Former IEEE Institute Consultant

Dr. Muhammad Abdel Qader Al-Omari

PhD in Educational Technology - Yarmouk University - Associate Professor

Dr. Fadi Al-Mawaj Al-Khudair

Doctorate in Linguistic Studies - Ministry of Education

Dr. Fayhaa Abboud Mahdi Al-Nadawi

PhD in Agricultural Engineering - Al-Mustansiriya University

Professor Dr. Samir Youssef Eliwa

Professor of Islamic Sharia - King Saud University (University of Riyadh)

Professor Dr. Muhammad bin Shahat Al-Khatib

Doctorate in Fundamentals of Education - King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Rami Mahmoud Al-Omari

Doctorate in curricula and methods of teaching the English language

Dr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Tawfiq Abu Irshid

Doctorate in Educational Administration

Dr. Ashraf Qassem Mustafa Al-Alimat

Doctorate in Fundamentals of Education - University of Jordan

Dr. Sameh Muhammad Salem Al-Daros

Doctorate in Educational Administration - University of Jordan

Dr. Muhammad Saleh Al-Masha’la

Doctorate in Literary Studies

Dr. Ghassab Nahar Matar Al-Houri

PhD in Rhetoric and Criticism - Associate Professor

Dr. Muhammad Nour al-Din al-Duwairi

PhD in Analytical Chemistry - University of Jordan

Dr. Jaafar Wasfi Abu Saa

Assistant Professor - Fundamentals of Education - Palestine Technical University

Dr. Ali Abdel Amir Al-Khamis

Assistant Professor, College of Fine Arts, University of Babylon

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Ismail

Doctorate in Arabic Language and Literature - Rhetoric and Criticism Division - from Omdurman Islamic University

Dr. Abdul Majeed Nayef Ahmed Alawneh

Doctorate in Sociology - Al-Quds Open University, Jerusalem Branch

Dr. Bahaa El-Din Asaad Bani Shamsa

Doctorate in Orthopedic and Joint Surgery - Resident Doctor - Cairo University

A.M.D. Zainab Reda Hamoudi

PhD in Fine Arts and Design - University of Babylon

Professor Dr. Abdel Tawab Mustafa Khaled Moawad

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sharia and Law - Sultan Abdul Halim Muazzam Shah International Islamic University - Malaysia

Dr. Anas Khaled Al-Nassar

Doctorate in Strategic Sciences and International Relations - Researcher and Director of Development and Government Relations at the Canadian International Human Rights Organization (CHRIO)

Dr. Tamim Saleh Suleiman Al-Awdat

Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Sciences, specializing in curricula and teaching methods
Amman Arab University

Dr. Maan Muhammad Al-Hassan Hamid Al-Araki

Assistant Professor, Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Mashreq University - Sudan and Head of the Accounting Department, Mashreq University

Dr. Abu Ubaida Taha Jibril

Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mashreq University
Assistant Professor in Accounting

Professor Dr. Mohamed Awad

Vice President of the University of Palestine
IT consultant for many IT companies
Winner of the best award at Malaysia Technology Expo

Mr. Dr. Khaled Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Madhoun

Dean of the College of Administration - University of Palestine - Gaza

Dr.. Muhammad Abdul-Ghani Abdul Qader Al-Sayegh

Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems
College of Economics and Management, King Abdulaziz University Executive Vice President of Wadi Jeddah Company
affiliated with King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Monther Atef Jaradat

Specialist in political thought and media - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Dr. Nour Saadi Issa Khudair Al-Abadi

Doctorate in Modern History from the College of Arts - University of Baghdad -